Hello, Lovies! I’m Heather! I am a simple gal, and I loooooove to photograph weddings for the most affectionate, romantic, and loving couples. I fell into wedding photography quite by accident – originally a dancer, photography became my artistic outlet when my dance-life came to an end.

I like all things cozy – cuddling, blankets, leg warmers, tea. More tea. Especially tea with friends. I have 3 ridiculously handsome, silly, and smart boys. I have a serious fascination with abandoned places and old buildings. I love notebooks and cursive writing. I love to read. Candy. Ice Cream in a waffle cone. I love it when a smell recalls a memory. I love to love. I love hugs.  Be warned – I’ll make you redo a mediocre hug!!

I fell in love with the mountains, the water, the sunsets of British Columbia after moving here 4 years ago. Nothing is more perfect than a wedding in the Okanagan! If you are an affectionate and “love you so much I’m going to squeeze you!” couple getting married in the Okanagan, or anywhere else in the world, I would love to hear from you!


I really love tea. Lots of tea. Especially when editing photos.


And leg warmers. So what? I’m an 80’s kid! Speaking of which. I love music and to boogie down!


I love me a good top-knot. I wear one every single day. Don’t judge me. Also helps when being a mama to three boys.


I also have a serious (and expensive) notebook addiction.