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Carlee & Matt’s Vintage – Rustic Cozy Cabins Wedding, Vernon BC

Where do I start with Carlee and Matt’s wedding…?

Carlee & Matt’s wedding was full of love, caring, and family.   A goal of theirs was to ensure that their loved ones had a great time and were well cared for and comfortable.  There is no was for this to NOT be achieved at Cozy Cabins.  The name says it all!

These two are adventurous (we hiked deep into the forest to a cavernous sort of location for their engagement session), so it was no shock when they booked an entire vacation resort for their wedding.

The day started off with hair and make-up, snacks, and some good old quality girl-time.  Carlee gifted her bridesmaids boxes full of items for the wedding with a few personal touches.  Of course, she wouldn’t leave the gentlemen out and did the same for them.   The morning was relaxed and beautiful.  Even with some last minute floral tweaking, Carlee remained relaxed.   😉

Their adorable dog, Maximus, ran the grounds or rested in the shade wondering what what going on.  You’ll even see him sporting an amazing bow tie.  So handsome!

Carlee’s dad walked her up the aisle to meet Matt and many tears were shed while they recited their vows to one another.  There would be many, many more tears during the reception as well.  Gosh, I just love an extra emotional wedding!

The speeches were beautiful, the dancing was beautiful, everything was beautiful!  Carlee and friends decorated the reception themselves!  Carlee’s attention to detail and great taste in decor was absolutely perfect!

There is something (many wonderful things) to be said about a couple who made their wedding day just as much about their family as it was about them.  The wedding party was fantastic, the family was fantastic, and so were Carlee & Matt.

This wedding is definitely one for the books!  Take a peek and see for yourselves!



Venue  –  Cozy Cabins, Lumby, British Columbia

Catering – Xanders

Florals – Vernon Flower Shop

Treats/Desserts – Sweet Caroline’s Bakery

Dress – Bliss Bridal

Hair – Inspirado Designs (Kris)

Make-Up – Alustria Makeup Artistry (Amy Gervais)


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